At Better Balance NY we provide private lessons and group programs in Tai Chi and Aikido based movement forms. Programs include traditional Tai Chi short forms, special Tai Chi forms developed for health and rehabilitation purposes, and Aiki-movement solo forms and partner exercises derived from Aikido.

The programs are adaptable for people with limited abilities including doing the forms seated or in wheel chairs.

The American Heart Association, The Arthritis Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, the Harvard Medical School, The American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Institute of Health all recommend Tai Chi for it’s many health benefits.

Toby Kasavan, Founder and chief instructor has over 12 years experience practicing Wu and Yang style Tai Chi. He is certified to teach the "Northern Wu 83" form, and to teach the "TaiChiforhealth" institutes” Tai Chi for  Arthritis” program. Mr. Kasavan also holds a 5th degree black belt in Aikido (Certified by the United States Aikido Federation)