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If You Can Walk You Can Do Tai Chi!

Better Balance NY is an NYC based company that exists to empower people to improve their own health and wellness through Tai chi and Aiki-movement.

All Better Balance NY programs use gentle mindful movement with coordinated deep breathing to improve balance, increase Proprioception {positional awareness}, strengthen weak muscles in legs and improve the ability of ankles to flex on uneven surfaces. 

The programs also help to increase bone density, promote cardio pulmonary health,  increase mobility,  balance, & concentration,  improve core strength, endurance, empower self-healing, and general well being.

CLICK HERE! to See a video of our Basic Beginner form on YouTube

In a study by The American Stroke Association, Dr. Ruth Taylor-Pilae found that “The main physical benefits of Tai Chi are better balance, improved strength, flexibility and aerobic endurance, the Psycho-social benefits include less depression, anxiety and stress, and better quality of life. She concluded that “Tai Chi is effective in improving both static and dynamic balance, which is important to prevent falls.”