What we practice: Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan, known as one of the softest forms of Tai Chi. - absolute beginners welcome

**watch a youtube video of the Better Balance NY beginner form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJWYP0f1mRE&t=10s


Wednesdays Brooklyn: 6:30pm-7:30pm at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. - 53 Prospect Park West (bet. 1st and Garfield) - Brooklyn NY 11215 (Park Slope) - Tuition: single class $25/monthly $90 (1X per/week)

Thursdays Manhattan: LUNCHTIME Tai Chi - Ripley-Grier Studios 939 8th Ave NY NY 10019 (between 55th-56th streets- elevator to the 3rd floor) Studio 3A 12noon-1pm (begins May 2, 2019) Tuition: single class $25/monthly $90 (1X per/week)

Fridays Brooklyn: (over 60 years old only) 11am -12 noon - the Grace Agard Harewood Senior Center 966 Fulton Street 11238 (free for members & free membership for anyone over 60)


-Aiki-Movement - solo forms and exercises for 2 people based on Aikido movements

*institutional (senior centers etc…)classes or private lessons only.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Rehabilitation are approved by the American College of sports Medicine. Tai Chi for Arthritis is also approved by the Arthritis foundation and the CDC.

*Tai Chi for Arthritis - a 12 lesson program teaching a short, 3-4 minute form, developed by medical and Tai Chi experts, and modified for people with chronic conditions

*Tai Chi for Rehabilitation - a 8 lesson program teaching very short simple form developed by medical and Tai Chi experts for people who are very weak, recovering from stroke, heart attack or anyone who would benefit from a very short simple gentle exercise program